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Our experience working with Michael Keenan was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. He was very communicative and easy to get in touch with through phone calls, emails, or text. Michael was constantly keeping us up to date on when showings were being scheduled and potential offers to look out for. He identified potential issues for us and even helped to clean an area of the basement which was a real eyesore before some showings. This was no small task as it took most of the day and probably a couple of good washings to get his clothes back to normal. This was just one of the many ways that he went above and beyond to help get our property sold. When it came time for offers, he explained everything to us in a way that was easy to understand. Once we decided on which offer to accept, he set up the closing and immediately got to work tying up loose ends so that there were no delays. Michael worked with my CPA to make sure that all assets were being distributed in our best interest and was always thinking one step ahead. We had a great experience from start to finish, and would highly recommend Michael Keenan.

Shirley and Mike Bringer
Bringer Inn, Inc.

I am an attorney who has worked with Michael Keenan for a number of years as a MAI designated appraiser and expert witness. Mr. Keenan has been approved by the Michigan Tax Tribunal as a qualified legal expert. I have been impressed by his demonstrated ability to evaluate properties and to provide well-supported, persuasive valuations and well-balanced expert testimony. I have also worked with Mr. Keenan in regard to the sale of commercial property. He has shown outstanding results in these areas.

Several cases especially stand out. In one case Mr. Keenan provided appraisal testimony on a large industrial property before the Michigan Tax Tribunal that resulted in a refund for past taxes in excess of $82,000.00. His evaluation reduced the state equalized value by 70%, resulting in tax savings in excess of $1 Million over ten years. In another case, he negotiated a tax appeal settlement with a local assessor, saving the expense of Tax Tribunal proceedings and reducing the SEV and true cash value by 42%.

I highly recommend Mr. Keenan as a real estate appraiser, broker and expert witness.

Gary R. Campbell

In the past several years I have required your services in contested real estate evaluations. I hired you to appraise the Ice Mountain Ice Skating Rink in Burton, Michigan. This was a large facility which cost a great deal of money to build. Due to changes in demand, competition and the general economic climate of Genesee County, the viability of an ice skating rink was questionable. The primary lender hired a MAI designated appraiser to place a value on the property which far exceeded its market value. There was a two-day trial in which you testified. The judge concurred with your approach and evaluation.

The second opportunity I engaged you for was to value a car dealership in Frankenmuth, Michigan. This dealership was in financial distress. The primary lender was proving difficult. Your appraisal, services and brokerage services resulted in the sale of the car dealership. It required a considerable write down from the lender. You were effective in negotitating with the lender to accomplish a sale at market value.

I engaged you to value a special purpose property (a golf course) in Genesee County. Again, there was a primary lender that was owed far more than the property was worth. Your appraisal and supporting back-up materials were extremely helpful in negotiating a resolution with the lender.

Very truly yours,

David J. Fisher